Who’s Twittering You? The Big Ben, Great Wall Of China Or The Pyramids Of Egypt?

Picture 13
I read somewhere that Big Ben can now
twitter you for the time and guess how many people signed up? Over 50,000 and I
guess there are lot of people don’t trust their watches. The Great Wall of
China will soon be sending you messages saying how many people were up there in
any given day or the US federal government sending you at a given time
how big the deficit is and how much it is costing you as a tax payer or how
much debt every new born baby has. Or North Korean government to use Twitter to announce how
many soldiers or missiles they have at one given time.

Picture 14
White House was using Twitter to keep
the momentum going and keeping track of which Democratic lawmakers had changed
their minds and decided to vote in favor of the bill. That’s a creative use.
Politicians fully understand the power of Twitter's ability mobilize grassroots support for their
legislative agendas.

With the advances in a host of
technologies like RFID and NFC, a lot of smart interactions and data can now be
transmitted anywhere with minimal integration. There are some interesting
experiments like BakerTweet, a system made by UK. agency Poke
that allows bakers to dynamically send out tweets to customers alerting them
when a fresh batch of buns coming out from the oven. Not sure how valuable this is.

Picture 10
We can expect to see many interesting
use in the next 12 months. Any physical objects could become a real-time
visualization tool for anything.   A company called Violet, which makes Mirror, an RFID reader USB-attached mirror
that enables any computer to react to the presence of an object. he Mirror’ is one of
the coolest gadgets I’ve seen in a long time. Hook the $60 plate up to your Mac and get ready to read some RFID tags. The set includes Ztamps (basically
RFID tags) that you can stick on objects and assign actions.

Picture 11
For instance, say
you attach one to a toy car. When you put the toy car on top of the The Mirror
by Violet, it could open up your browser for you to read your favorite car blogs. There can be
so many creative applications, there are the three that I can think of such as tagging of your
computer’s mouse so when it is placed on certain spot on your desk it will trigger an application, like playing
Monopoly.  an example would be placing the mouse on a particular spot will
inform your company to activate your Skype to talk to you buddy. Or tagging your car keys can
trigger your G-mail account. Tagging your afternoon tea cup will activate your PC to launch a
browser with your favorite Power Point deck. Can you think of more?