The Biggest Idea These Days Other Than “Wearables” Is “Destructables”. We All Need It.

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I think the biggest idea today other than “wearables” is “self-destructables” and it is exactly what we need these days. OK this is the first time you hear this. "Destructables: is the biggest unmet need because privacy just might be the biggest enemy of big data and googleglass. This trend is gaining momentum – think “ephemeral media” which is a way to make any digital assets including photos, texts, emails, posts that can self-destruct once they’re delivered, read or triggered by an event. I would pay for that service.

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With the big government always watching and with teenagers having a little too much fun doing silly things, there is something about what we used to see in Charlie’s Angels when the boss messages the Angels about their mission;  they were briefed on a radio that would destroy itself after being played. I think this should be a key feature for everything these days. Yes, there's SnapChat.  But we need more than that.

Encryption Company Silent Circle has a Silent Text app available for Android, which includes a “Burn Notice” feature that self-destructs the message from the sender and recipient’s phone. Startup Burn Note launched its vanishing text and mail service. It allows you to set a timer for how long you want your information to live on the internet before it explodes—virtually, that is.  And even Boeing, yes the airplane manufacturer, has launched a Smartphone that will erase all data and deactivate if tampered with or pried open.

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Not sure why Boeing is getting into the cell phone business, BlackBerry should have thought of that feature long time ago.The Boeing’s device which runs on Android and will be sold primarily to government agencies and companies engaged in defense, intelligence and homeland security. The heads of the screws will be covered with tamper proof guards to identify attempted disassembly, breaking open the casing of the device would trigger complete deletion of the data and the device will render itself inoperable. But it will not generate smoke and physically self-destruct – I'm a little disappointed. They should put a bit of drama there as part of the customer experience.