What Are The Most Popular Innovation Tools? Here Are The Results From Idea Couture Recent Survey (Part 2 of 3).


Here's a photo of Idea Couture's Latin America (Mexico) team in our office. Lots of things to do ahead of us to build up our capabilities in Mexico to serve both local and international clients. I am excited about it.

Continue from the last post, this is part II of the series on innovation tools. Most of the innovation tools included on our survey are not rocket
science but all requires some level of training to use them properly.  Most of the
really interesting and effective tools and techniques for innovation, are
fairly simple, they allow people to gain new perspectives and to look at its
products and services in a completely new light. The challenge is synthesizing
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Good Enough + Simplicity = Killer Strategy. What Is Considered Good Enough?

Many products out there are good and probably good enough. But strategists would say that companies need more great products with good designs to succeed as there are too man me-too products out there. It is half the truth. There are many kinds of good-enoughs and you need put it in a big strategy context. Read on and I will explain why.

I tell my people “good
enough is not good enough," as far as what we do for our clients, but in the context of product strategy it can be a different story. It’s true that in today’s world,
quality, speed, performance and convenience never stop improving. Pick up…
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New Year Is The Best Time To Look To New Horizons And Rejoice In Life’s Simplest Pleasures.

Screen shot 2010-12-31 at 8.13.09 PM
It is New Year's eve again and this is always the best time thinking about personal transformation. Make sure you are not looking forward to the New Year for a new start on your old habits, and old habits die hard.

Another crazy year…and a tough one for many… have we bottomed out in terms of global challenges or we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Things can get worse or better and nobody knows, but we’ve for do something. Anything is better the status quo. I was having lunch with Keith yesterday and talked about his personal transformation journey. I am very happy to spend time with him since more than a year. He…
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iTouch Jumbo, Large Soda and Magnum Condom. What’s The Commonality, Size Is A Common Key Factor In Their Marketing.

Size is always a big factor in product design and marketing. The iPad essential becomes an iTouch for the tallest man in the world. I always have a problem with oversized drinks in this part of the world, but I also have a problem with the undersized drinks in Europe and Japan. A cup of tea in London is really too small for me and I almost needed to order two. A cup of tea in New York is usually way too big and I have to pour away 30% of it right away.

Oversized cold beverage sales is maxing out at 32 oz., in the eyes of the marketers they generally views “bigger” as “better,” real-world experience seems to show that gigunda 44-oz. size fountain beverages have very…
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Good Industrial Designers Also Need To Be Cultural Anthropologists.

Picture 7 I am a chair person. I started buying designers chairs when I was 20 and started collecting British and Italian design pieces. I have a thing for chair and I am very picky with chairs. I can find a dozen of things to critique on almost any new designs. Chair design is an art form. I took this picture at Roppongi Hills (Tokyo), the chair is named "Chair that disappears in the rain" by Tokujin Yoshioka. It was made from a massive block of glass of astronomical observatory quality. Imagine what the chair looks under the rain. It is a street art and anyone can sit on it. It is great piece of street art.

Picture 1 In the old days, chairs were made…
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It is Becoming Clear That Our Turbulent, Agitated, Unbridled-capitalist Age Needs Some Serious Fixing.

Picture 5 I went to my son’s high school graduation ceremony last week and was bored by bad speeches. I wonder why can’t they at least say something more useful than those shallow motivational speak for these 17 year olds. Graduation often brings mixed feelings. Some move on to universities and some will enter into the workplace. They can use a few words of wisdom. More than half of these kids will earn themselves a Bachelor degree in four years, what’s next?

Not sure you know, the origin of the terms "bachelor," "master," and "doctor" were first introduced at the University of Paris, the "mother" of English, American and European universities. By the thirteenth century, these terms were commonly use throughout the world. The term "bachelor" derived from the Latin for "cowherder" (surviving…
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Media Disruption Continues As Attackers Fail And Defenders Wonder What’s Coming Next?

Picture 3 I am just counting how many industries today are getting near their industry breakpoints, accelerated by the current crisis and changes in consumer attitude towards anything.  With macro forces pushing a collision between previously unrelated industries and the smart ones know a reset is necessary. Media is on top of the list.

We are not only talking about company reconfiguration, but also industry reconfigure itself as value chains are breaking up and co-creation is happening up and down the value chain. Social Technologies are the key enablers for openness and cross-participation. I am certain that the faces of media and publishing, personal banking, music, healthcare, auto, telecom will be very different in just a few short years.

I was meeting with a number of clients while in London and we talked…
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What’s The Last Innovation We’ve Seen Coming Out From The Banks? Scenarios For Banks In 2020?

Picture 6

By 2020, today's 39 year old will turn 50 and today 9 year old will be 18 and both represent a whole new generation of customers for the financial services. The 18 will be in the market for financial services and having gone through the banking and credit crisis they will be very skeptical of financial institutions. The newly turned 50 will be joining a powerful group of boomers that have very different idea of what they want for the second part of their life as well as their financial goals. 

By 2020, there will be way fewer banks. Market consolidation will result in making the mega banks even bigger. But they will face non-bank specialists and non-bank banks that specialize in providing highly differentiated product offerings. Partner/Channel…
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