When We Look Back After Ten Years From Now, We Will Call This A Facebook Decade For Sure.

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Maria Jesus Galan, a nun who has spent 35 years with the Santo Domingo el Rea convent in Toledo, Spain has been spending a lot of time on Facebook and digitizing the Dominican convent's archives.

When the local government gave her a prize for her hard work and she has over 600 Facebook friends, but she is not making any friends in the convent. Some nuns reportedly claimed that Sister Maria's Facebook activity "made life impossible" for them. So she was therefore asked to leave the convent and now back to live with her mom. There are still so many who are afraid of technology, not just the crazy leaders of Iran or Libya.

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Apple Should Forget The Movie Studios. Go After The Banks Instead. I Want My iMoney.

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This sign is up for our San Francisco office. The archtiects and the girls are working day and night to get this right and a lot of furniture are still in the Atlantic Ocean. Shipping furniture from Europe to US is always slow. Hey we need to get the righ stuff we need to wait.

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Congrats to Nick Hughes (managing director of Signal Point Partners and LBS alum) for picking up the Social and Economic award at the Economist Innovation Awards a few weeks ago held at the Science Museum in London. Nick was…
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Who’s Twittering You? The Big Ben, Great Wall Of China Or The Pyramids Of Egypt?

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I read somewhere that Big Ben can now
twitter you for the time and guess how many people signed up? Over 50,000 and I
guess there are lot of people don’t trust their watches. The Great Wall of
China will soon be sending you messages saying how many people were up there in
any given day or the US federal government sending you at a given time
how big the deficit is and how much it is costing you as a tax payer or how
much debt every new born baby has. Or North Korean government to use Twitter to announce how
many soldiers or missiles they have at one given time.

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Is Facebook And Twitter Bad For Your Brain? Or It Acutally Makes You A Better Person?

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Here is an old vision of a high-tech future. It is old magazine illustration in 1969 a Japanese Sunday magazine, which show life in the future, pervaded by computers. This illustration “The Rise of the Computerized School,” by Shigeru Komatsuzaki is an illustrated scenario of what schools will be like in the future. Sort of Webex type of online delivery and interactive learning via a tablet.

I always find it fascinating to go back to see the future, comics and movies are the best place to see the future. In those worlds, there are always concern of the computer taking over of the Big Brother is controlling everything. Funny I’ve never seen an illustration, comic of movie that have anything similar to the Facebook or…
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Michael Jackson’s Death Is Tragic. It Reminds Us Of How Fragile We Are, Both As Human Beings And The Things We Created – The Internet.

Picture 2 The web today is filled with Tweets on the tragic death of Michael Jackson. The first company that benefited from this tragic event was Apple. The iTunes Music Store and 9 out of the 10 top albums are all Michael Jackson’s.  And top 5 selling DVDs in Amazon all Jackson’s too. Michael is iconic across generations. Music fans around the world have a deep-rooted connection with this iconic star and his music. And people are quick to try to make money from this. This Neverland Ranch domain name is selling for $20mm on eBay. Why? The seller is suggesting that there is talk of that the Neverland Ranch will be be tnred in a money making thinng bigger than Graceland as an amusement park.

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Building On The 140 Platform. What’s Will Twitter Do Next? Twitter TV Or Twitter Dating?

Picture 18 Twitter is touching more people than NYT or WSJ (ok it may not be a fair comparison) Add to the fact that a lot of Twitter users rarely hit the hyper-text-transferred-to-the-browser page, but rather use through a desktop and/or mobile app, and the figure gets even more impressive. Twitter is continuing its unstoppable move forward. And what about those Twitter traffic "machines" and “buy your follower” programs? Twitter needs to figure this out as soon as possible. Twitter litter? Perhaps a payment/filter model will eventually work, weeds out the hackers that wont pay $5/month for access to Twitter that has real people and conversations happening. We are also seeing Twitter viruses starting to happening. Anti-virus for Tweeter?

The 140 number is doing magic, at least for them.  How did they get…
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