There Is A Difference Between Business Turnaround and Business Transformation. It Is Easy To Tell Which Is Harder.

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All companies go through some kind of crisis at some point but what does it take to get out of it? There aren’t many successful turnarounds in large companies and the bigger the company and the longer the history, the more difficult it is for any turnaround and its success rate is lower. 

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Harley Davidson in mid-life crisis when Richard Teerlink joined the company in 1981 as CFO, the company had US market share of 15% and reported a loss of $15m. The company was killed by its strong Japanese competitor led…
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The “Internet of Useless Things” or IuT Is Everywhere. Not Every Player Has A Plan.

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The CES is a good one this year. Everywhere is IoT. And honestly I am little tired of hearing IoT or “Internet of Things” which is estimated to become a $7 trillion industry where thermometers, clocks, garbage cans, toilets, washing machines, watches, smartphones, fridges, baby monitors, garage doors and coffee makers are all connected digitally, allowing seamless interactions and smart living for us. Sensors are cheap and can be deployed everywhere collecting data, unnoticed. Data on how you move around in your home or office, in the gymn, on bike around your community, in a car, in public transit etc. How much water and electricity you use, and when; how much garbage you produce and dispose….
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The Come Back Of Hardware. Is Software Becoming A Commodity?

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The world is suddenly obsessed with smart technologies and this time around it seems unstoppable. Our everyday electrical and mechanical industrial object will now be occupied and ran by software and connected to the cloud. It also means each object (as small as some smoke detectors and as large as automobiles) will now be equipped with tons of sensors and can be able to adapt to different environment and individual needs.

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It is essential that the next wave of industrial revolution will make us more efficient and empowered (and more human I…
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What Is Happening To Sony? Can Sony Be Saved?

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2013 was a good year and a very busy one for me. Having been on the road for over 120 days; delivered some great projects and worked with some of the smartest and most creative people around the world was all fun and also exhausted. Now is the time to think about what the future holds?

I really don’t know what to write these days, I want to write about a lot of things from economics to politics and from luxury brands to consumer electronics and from rethinking management to education, so much to do and so little time. I hardly find time to write for my own magazine these days.

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Creativity In The Workplace. It’s Is More Than Just Colorful Furnitures. Yes, The Space Matters But There Is More.

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For all those cash-rich companies
such as Apple, Google and Facebook, there is a race to hire celebrity architects to design their headquarters. Google headquarters
consists of nine angled buildings connected by bridges. Reportedly, the idea
was based on data collected from Google employees’ behavior which then
translated into some kind of architectural algorithm that should produce
“casual collisions” to make innovation happen more often. I am not buying this,
well they are. I guess when you have too much money to play with. When 3D virtual conferencing technology comes to market, these
companies will be the early adopters. Expect cool walk-in facilities outfitted
with wall-sized screens that project…
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Forget About Being A “Manager”. You Need To Become An “Innopreneur”. There Is A Huge Demand For Corporate Entrepreneurs / Innovators Everywhere.

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The time for New Year resolutions is here again, not sure if we're all up for the challenge as we can expect more intensified
competition, more uncertainty both in politics and economicsl and more disruptive
re-organization for all big companies. It is the time for self-reflection and thinking about what do
you really want to accomplish this year and what how to bring out the best in you.  If you’re an emerging manager
or young leader you should read this.

Drop whatever idea you might have of "what is a manager" in
your mind. You don't want…
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Apple Vs Samsung – The Verdict Is A Wake-Up Call And Shaping The Very Nature Of What Competitive Strategy Means.

Here I am the first day in our new office – the building is officially named Idea Couture Place and I took the opporunity to talk about who we are and what are really good at to our people. There are still a lot of people that don't quite understand what a strategic innovation firm does and why it is not just another industrial design, strategy firm or creative house.

Now the move is over but it will take abother 2 months before we are really settled as many furnitures and equipment are still shipping from Italty, Belgium and China. I can't wait to see the fully finished office. For now, everyone is really happy. The roof top patio will look like a boutique hotel.

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It Is Time For China To Think Real About Innovation And What Policies And Practices Can Propel China Into The Next Century When Labor Cost Will Double In A Few Short Years And Intensified Talent Shortage..

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It’s election time in the US and everyone is talking about China. China bashing happens before the election and after it’s over, people will be back to business as usual. The fact is US trade deficit is due to domestic factors and not Chinese policy and we need to address the very core of "structural competitiveness" rather than these nonsense talk. We should be focusing on innovation on a large scale and reinventing industries of tomorrow. US will always procure from low cost countries whether it is China or others.

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China is an integrated…
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Strategic Innovation And The Quest To Reinvent Management.

I spoke at a number of conferences the last few weeks on the same topic of Strategic Innovation in the Age of Reinvention. Reinvention is the word as every individual, practicing professional, multi-nationals, non-profits, education institution and government ought to be thinking about “reinvention”. We desperately need to “totally reinvent ourselves” in order to transform our economy, organizations, politics and societies.

Corporations adopted strategies 20 years back to outsource their production and resulted in loss of ability to innovate and compete. Many corporations cannot even define their core and what they are really good it today, their perceived competitive advantage was merely channel assess and a warehouse of intellectual property and patent documents.

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You Think Innovation Is Hard. Business Transformation Is A Hundred Times More Difficult. And In Fact It Is The Number One Barrier For Strategic Innovation.

People think innovation is almost just about new ideas. Funny how many think Blue Ocean Strategy is a big wake-up call when all it does is communicating the very the basic and simple idea of strategic innovation – how not to compete with your competitors in the same game and instead create a new game.

A strategist has the choice between getting back into the fight with existing competitors or creating a new space when there is no competition AND no proven customer demand. This is the hardest part – "no proven customer demand" and let's see what the board has to say when you tell them that your strategy cannot be validated quantitatively. New game…
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