How Do Breakthroughs Happen? Here’s My Little Secrets For Breakthroughs After Helping Executives For Decades..

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How do breakthroughs happen? Can they be engineered? Are they pure luck? Or are they the result of skills that we can develop and improve upon over time? Along with the fear of the unknown and the pressure to make it happen, breakthroughs come with an incredible sense of possibility and satisfaction.

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The experience of uncovering a breakthrough is exhilarating and hard to explain. It’s a sense of not knowing exactly where I am going, but knowing that I am going somewhere. Here’s my secrets to achieving breakthroughs:

Preserve the “Me”. The…
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Exploring The Four Biggest Myths of Creativity. Design Educators Take Note.

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The party at Idea Couture London office last week was a fantastic event. Get to meet many young talented people there and looking forward to work with them on projects. My work takes me around the world and it is hard to get to know everyone in different offices. I enjoy talking to creative people from creative engineers to designers. And I have a very different idea of what "creative" people means. Idea Couture is a creative powerhose and it is creativity in the deepest and most systematic sense, looking at challenges from new perspectives but achor in a highly logical manner. That's our creative algorithm and it is rooted in every IC office.

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What Do We Need More? Managers Or Strategists? Or Design Thinkers?

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In business school we are taught the difference between a good decision and a bad one, and how to leverage a good one to get the most out of it. We are also taught that the best decisions are those that minimize risk and produce the highest return.
On the ground, management decision-making is never that simple.

We want managers to have a vision for the long term but be flexible enough to respond to competition in the short term. We want them to produce consistent results and yet experiment with innovative ideas for growth. We want both change and stability.
If change is the only constant, its constant companion is the avoidance…
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So It Was A Terrible Offsite. But It’s Not The End Of The World. Now Here’s How to Bounce Back From It.

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Ask 100 smart senior executives or manages about their last company
offsite and most of them will probably tell you that it was anything but productive, or borderline disasterous.
Some might say it was painful. A few will admit that they were absolute waste of
time and money. Planning an offsite is not easy, managing the aftermath is even worse if it was not a great one.

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Over the years, I have organized thousand of these offisites meetings, and I’ve spoken at…
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Media Disruption Is Not Slowing Down. Mobile Is Now The Center Of A New Ecosystem.

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The media business is not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet. When people asked me about my magazine and the economics of that, they were saying why am I in publishing business. Well that is not my core business, just a hobby. It has been almost three years since the first publication of MISC and readership is growing nicely. We're now in 28 countries and we have have the digital version. I am getting a lot of positive feedback from readers from all over the world. Perhaps I should make the next issue the thickest one. This is the first cover that was shot in Milan. And the next cover will be…
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With Our Increasingly Reliance On Smart Devices And Gadgets, And We Are Becoming More And More Vulnerable.

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You’ve seen all the time in movies when the bad guys hacked into public surveillance cameras and could see what’s going on out there. It is actually not difficult to hack into most security surveillance systems for commercial or residential buildings and particularly those wireless ones. Theses cameras that are used by retailers, hotels, and elevators, are often configured insecurely. Many are preconfigured with simple to access passwords and you can try as many times as you wish to attempt to guess it. Start with “1111”, “1010”, “1234” or “1001” or try “admin”.

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Apple’s Magic Is Not Repeatable. Innovation Means Reinvention. Not Taking A Page From Someone’s Playbook. Here’s The Proof.

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Apple magic is not repeatable. And even if you think by poaching senior talents from them. The same can be applied to many great companies large and small. It is too simplistic to think that stealing talent from great companies larger or small can help a company to repeat the magic.

Here is a good example when Ron Johnson, former head of Apple retail joined JC Penny as CEO, his plan was to reinvent the company. From when Johnson took the reins Nov 1, 2011, the stock price dropped in half. He received $53.3 million in compensation for 2011 and his pay package for 2012 was $1.9 million, no bonus after the company booked a…
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How Imagination Can Create The Future? Start With Those Old Comic Books and Sci-Fi VHS Tapes From The Flea Markets.

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For centuries we show our human spirit with
stories about our glories,hopes, desires and dreams for
a better future, one filled with modern machines that enable us to do things we long
to do from being invisible or traveling in flying cars or telepods (may be not telepods as
I always worried that something would go missing during the transmission). These stories
manifested itself in art, comics, fictions, movies and even science discoveries.

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What was known as “futurism” is
the artistic movement that began in…
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Can Gadgets Save Healthcare? What’s The Next Big Disruptive Technology That Can Reinvent Healthcare? But The Fact Remains That Our Health Care System Sucks, And Will Continue To Suck.

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I like the lastest Bond movie and
the only thing I missed is smart gadgets. Bond needs to have latest tech toys. I don’t want to see Bond becoming Jet
Li. Half the fun of watching a Bond movie is reveling in the odd ingenuity of
the clever devices. Bond needs all the tech innovation he could use. Her Majesty's government is not investing enough in innovation for sure. Mi5 has a lot of catch up to do. Perhaps they should retain Idea Couture to develop an innovation roadmap? I might get a call from Sir Jonathan Evan!

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I Am Not A Gadget! Or Am I Becoming One? How Close Are We From A Full Blown Computional Culture?

Sometimes I feel like I am a gadget. We all performing
various specialist and general tasks everyday and somehow you feel each of
these tasks are not related. And the worst part of our job is to perform
something that is so tedius and doesn’t really require any creativity, analytic
and imagination. And you wonder why this work cannot be done by a gadget. Or if
I am doing the job, does it mean I am a gadget?

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There are over 600,000+ personal pocket gadgets out there for
whatever purposes and over 700,000 apps for iPhone…
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