There Is A Difference Between Business Turnaround and Business Transformation. It Is Easy To Tell Which Is Harder.

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All companies go through some kind of crisis at some point but what does it take to get out of it? There aren’t many successful turnarounds in large companies and the bigger the company and the longer the history, the more difficult it is for any turnaround and its success rate is lower. 

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Harley Davidson in mid-life crisis when Richard Teerlink joined the company in 1981 as CFO, the company had US market share of 15% and reported a loss of $15m. The company was killed by its strong Japanese competitor led…
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Eight Most Common Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making.

Every one is an expert in marketing these days. And with social media, everyone is an ad critic. Not entirely a bad thing, but as marketers you need know how to filter the noise. People need to understand the difference between STRATEGIC MARKETING, MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS and CHANNEL MARKETING. These are three very different things. The first one is strategic and is tightly linked to business strategy and decisions are made based on what and how to invest, the second one is about advertising (there is no social only advertising or no advertising only social..either way that’s where we’re going) and the third is about activations and promotions in the field.

I am…
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It’s a Bird! It’s a Drone! It’s Amazon’s 3-D Smartphone? It Displays 3D Images, 3D Maps And 3D Gaming!

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Amazon has been working on a number of cool devices for a while. The temptation of playing the hardware game has always been there beyond just the e-reader. This month they will finally be unveiling a new device and there are plenty of rumors out there on what it actually is.

It is most likely going to be a Smartphone. Mostly made by Foxcom. Most like not producing any profits for Amazon. Most likely supported by a suite of Amazon Cloud based services. Most likely to be below the standard set by Apple, Samsung or HTC. But it will be a Smartphone that has some distinctive features, including 3D capabilities projecting 3D objects as part of…
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Will 2014 Be A More Exciting Year For Consumer Electronics? Consider 2013 Was A Disappointing One. More Next Week.

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2013 was a disappointing year for consumer technologies. The 3D television push was as I’ve expected a disaster and who on earth would walk around at home with 3D glasses and the lack of 3D programming etc. created all barriers necessariy for mass adoption. And for smartphones as there were lack of any real innovation from the industries.

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Perhaps the dominant design pioneered by Apple is really reaching the end of its S-curve, even the iPhone 5S has only incremental changes (ok a better processor) in design and software. I am ready to bet…
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What Do You Want A Smart Watch To Do For You? Or Do You Really Need One?

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So you’ve bought yourself a Pebble and you're showing off to your friends. May be you’re even one of
those thousands of people who crowd funded them for over $10m in pre-orders last year. In that case you will be among the first to receive $150 slim devices
that you can read e-mail, text and Facebook messages that sent from your
Smartphone.  I really can’t think
of a good reason to get one.

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I’ve seen dozens of different smart watches and
most of them are cool…
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Apple’s Magic Is Not Repeatable. Innovation Means Reinvention. Not Taking A Page From Someone’s Playbook. Here’s The Proof.

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Apple magic is not repeatable. And even if you think by poaching senior talents from them. The same can be applied to many great companies large and small. It is too simplistic to think that stealing talent from great companies larger or small can help a company to repeat the magic.

Here is a good example when Ron Johnson, former head of Apple retail joined JC Penny as CEO, his plan was to reinvent the company. From when Johnson took the reins Nov 1, 2011, the stock price dropped in half. He received $53.3 million in compensation for 2011 and his pay package for 2012 was $1.9 million, no bonus after the company booked a…
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How Imagination Can Create The Future? Start With Those Old Comic Books and Sci-Fi VHS Tapes From The Flea Markets.

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For centuries we show our human spirit with
stories about our glories,hopes, desires and dreams for
a better future, one filled with modern machines that enable us to do things we long
to do from being invisible or traveling in flying cars or telepods (may be not telepods as
I always worried that something would go missing during the transmission). These stories
manifested itself in art, comics, fictions, movies and even science discoveries.

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What was known as “futurism” is
the artistic movement that began in…
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The Future Of Retail Is Full Of Challanges As Well As Opportunities.

Retailers are goign through strutural changes as many proven formats are out dated and "showromming" is impacting many. The massive pentration of smartphones are driving showroomers for comparing prices and features. Amazon has even given users of its mobile shopping app the ability to simplify price lookups on its site by letting them scan product bar codes using their smartphone cameras. So we end up having 1/ the Amazons of the world where they have full range of products at a super competitive price of 2/ Experience-based stores that people that offers more than making a purchase. They provide a very different kinds of retail relationships with different brands and it is Cirque du Soleil meets Nordstrom.

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What Are The Least Understood Innovation Tools? Here Are The Results From Idea Couture Recent Survey (Part 3 of 3).

Here is a picture of our reception floor of our new office in the Idea Couture building. We're al least 4 weeks away before we can we are done with the place. This is the final of the three part series. We surveyed to find out what are the most popular innovation tools and the least understood innovation tools,  if you don't know about any of these tools on the list, you are not alone because there are many others like you.

Why are these the Top 5 least understood? Think about it, innovation is an
emerging field. Therefore, at any given time, new tools are being developed,
tested and refined in response to new kinds of problems, advances in
technology, or as…
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Have You Noticed The Emerging of Professional Visual Anthropology? Now You Can Be An Anthropologist Even If You Can’t Read And Write!

I carry my camera (Leica) for 2 reasons. One is to capture pictures that remind me of what I've experienced or just something for inspiration and two is to share with others what I am doing. A picture can often tell a story better than a thousand words. Photography can capture the pure spirit and beauty of life, to tell a story to tangiblize humanity or to create a real (or fake) personality and to communicate an idea. I called it the practice of visual anthropology. Does it mean I am now an anthropologist?

Photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Dorothea Lange or Steve McCurry have made their names by using photography…
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