Design Leadership Is More Than Simplicity. It Is About Design Discipline.

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El·e·gant, an adjective and define or characterized by or exhibiting refined, tasteful beauty of manner, form, or style. Marc Jacob? Chanel? Jil Sander? Hermes? All are unquestionably elegant by design in the fashion world. How about smartphones or interfaces? Can they be elegant? Or what about customer experiences? Can you describe a banking or customer service experience as elegant? Most people don’t.

Is elegant a word reserved solely for tangible product? The design world likes to use words such as “elegant”, “simple” and “user friendly”, many designers understand how to subtract in creating simple and elegant design solutions. Human factors usually subtract…
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Media Disruption Is Not Slowing Down. Mobile Is Now The Center Of A New Ecosystem.

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The media business is not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet. When people asked me about my magazine and the economics of that, they were saying why am I in publishing business. Well that is not my core business, just a hobby. It has been almost three years since the first publication of MISC and readership is growing nicely. We're now in 28 countries and we have have the digital version. I am getting a lot of positive feedback from readers from all over the world. Perhaps I should make the next issue the thickest one. This is the first cover that was shot in Milan. And the next cover will be…
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3 Paths Towards A Creative Life. It’s Not The “Aha” Moments Or Being Perfect.

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You want to be more creative? Sometimes it is not about trying
harder to act creative. I see a lot of people trying too hard. Sometimes it’s not just about giving one the space to be
creative.  Sometimes it is just being
strategic. And sometimes it means apply a healthy dosage of common sense. 

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Strategic creativity
is more valuable than creativity. 
Not everyone needs to be “creative” the same way as other think you
should be “creative”. It is not about ideas. It is an…
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At CES Everything Is Touch, Touch, Touch. Will Touchscreens Make Typing Obsolete Soon?

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At CES this year everything
is touchscreen, TV, laptops, tablets and kitchen appliances. Is the future of
interfaces is moving to touchscreen? Is this the end of keyboards? We are
seeing a completing transition in the design of user experiences to software based
and touchscreens. The notebook computer is the final piece of the migration.
Most people would find no reasons to touch a screen on a laptop or notebook,
but we are also increasing used to the habit of touching screen even most of
the time even we’re not aware of. Thanks to the iPhone and iPad.

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I Am Not A Gadget! Or Am I Becoming One? How Close Are We From A Full Blown Computional Culture?

Sometimes I feel like I am a gadget. We all performing
various specialist and general tasks everyday and somehow you feel each of
these tasks are not related. And the worst part of our job is to perform
something that is so tedius and doesn’t really require any creativity, analytic
and imagination. And you wonder why this work cannot be done by a gadget. Or if
I am doing the job, does it mean I am a gadget?

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There are over 600,000+ personal pocket gadgets out there for
whatever purposes and over 700,000 apps for iPhone…
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Innovation Is A Discipline Like Marketing And Finance. It Needs To Be Designed, Managed And Optimized.

I am writing about a few articles on creativity for the next issue of M/I/S/C The Creativity Issue. The editorial deadline is this week so I am now selecting the pieces that goes into this issue and art directing the design. I am still not sure what to do with the cover yet, I have a few days to think about it. May be 2 or 3. Busy week with cocktail paties and b-school alum events. Here are pictures of IC end of summer party, but arn't we just a week away from end of fall?

Creativity is an easy subject to write about but also a difficult one. Creativity is too…
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Do You Know The Difference Between Design Engineering And Engineering Design?

Went to the Made in Brunel opening last week, Made in Brunel showcases creations from within Brunel University’s School of Engineering and Design. The show was held at the Bargehouse, four storey building on the South Bank featuring an array of technological, sustainable, humanistic and virtual innovation concepts and prototypes.

Many wonder where the name Brunel comes from, Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806 -1859) who was a leading British civil engineer, famed for his bridges and dockyards, and the construction of the first major British railway, the Great Western Railway; and a series of famous steamships, including the first propeller-driven transatlantic steamship. The school has a very good brand management program which is…
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Art Is Like Viagra For Science. Art And Science Complement Each Other In All Forms Of Sense-Making. The Magic Formula For Innovation.

“If you’ve never been lost you’ll never end up getting anywhere new”. That was a great opening line when Dan Widen tried to sum up his observations on day one of the event. It was the first time I met him in person and I must say I really like him. Not only of his achievement but his personal style of reflections. Also met with his colleague John Jay, also a great guy and honestly I was a little surprised to see them at the event, a nice surprise. I was expecting to meet with only scientists, artists and policy makers.

The STEM to STEAM workshop was hosted by RISD and funded by the…
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Powerful And Affordable Real Time Data Mining, Visualization And Interactions Are Powering Up A New Culture Act – And Enabling “Infovation”.

Just landed in Rhode Island and spendin the next 2 days in Providence, long working sessions ahead, expect to some productive knowledge exchange. The topic will be around where arts meets science, design meets technology.

We talk about how information changes our life and how it affect the way we make decisions both as individual and as a team or society, I think we are still unaware of the true power of change information visualization can have and the impact when applied in an interactive and social mobile settings.

Imagine a scenario everytime a politician suggests an idea and you can see realtime information in simple graphics visual data to confirm his/her coment or when a company makes a statment you can see how other respond with…
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