In Algorithms We Trust. Do We?

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Let's try to paint a likely not-too-distant future. In this future, everything around us will be managed by algorithms. They manage and recommend what we want to watch; they control traffic of our driver-less cars; they control those drones which deliver our pizza; predict for you which one of your friends will become your future spouse, etc. They will make our life effortless and predict what things will happen next or what's best for us. We all wish that it is that simple.

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As we are picking up massive data every second,…
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I Am Not A Gadget! Or Am I Becoming One? How Close Are We From A Full Blown Computional Culture?

Sometimes I feel like I am a gadget. We all performing
various specialist and general tasks everyday and somehow you feel each of
these tasks are not related. And the worst part of our job is to perform
something that is so tedius and doesn’t really require any creativity, analytic
and imagination. And you wonder why this work cannot be done by a gadget. Or if
I am doing the job, does it mean I am a gadget?

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There are over 600,000+ personal pocket gadgets out there for
whatever purposes and over 700,000 apps for iPhone…
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Powerful And Affordable Real Time Data Mining, Visualization And Interactions Are Powering Up A New Culture Act – And Enabling “Infovation”.

Just landed in Rhode Island and spendin the next 2 days in Providence, long working sessions ahead, expect to some productive knowledge exchange. The topic will be around where arts meets science, design meets technology.

We talk about how information changes our life and how it affect the way we make decisions both as individual and as a team or society, I think we are still unaware of the true power of change information visualization can have and the impact when applied in an interactive and social mobile settings.

Imagine a scenario everytime a politician suggests an idea and you can see realtime information in simple graphics visual data to confirm his/her coment or when a company makes a statment you can see how other respond with…
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