Wearables That Promiss To Make Us Smarter. What’s Next?

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Do you wonder how we measure brain activity? Our brains communicate through the cell sending tiny electric signals to each other and the more signals the more electricity it will produce. An EEG can measure the pattern of this electrical activity. There are some who believe that if we stimulate certain part of the brain (pre-frontal cortex) will improve certain functions. For years, there had been experiments of stimulating the brain using small electric currents and see if it can make us thinker better or smarter.

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Some believe the results are…
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The Future of Wearables? Everyone Will Get It Wrong. And The Winner Won’t Be Google, Apple, Sony Or Microsoft.

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Wearable is hot. It is supper hot. The billion-dollar
question remains, “How do we create the iPhone of wearables?” and “How do we create
sub-ecosystems around these wearables?” and "What new business model opportunities will emerge?" The buzz is here but the money is not
here yet. Everyone is betting on it and no one can afford to miss the train. Most wearable out there are just toys for the geeks. I can't find a reason anyone wants to buy this Sony Watch. Wll now everyone can see my Facebook messages. What is dumb idea! OK I can use it to tell time and the weather.  Apple’s
iWatch or…
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What Do You Want A Smart Watch To Do For You? Or Do You Really Need One?

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So you’ve bought yourself a Pebble and you're showing off to your friends. May be you’re even one of
those thousands of people who crowd funded them for over $10m in pre-orders last year. In that case you will be among the first to receive $150 slim devices
that you can read e-mail, text and Facebook messages that sent from your
Smartphone.  I really can’t think
of a good reason to get one.

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I’ve seen dozens of different smart watches and
most of them are cool…
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Many Made The Mistake Of Taking the Brand Out Of The Innovation Equation On The Fuzzy Front-End. Are You One Of Them?

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Companies make many mistakes in their innovation journeys and often they go down the same path again and again and wonder why that is the case. The four main reasons among many are:

1/ They think it is all about creativity and coming up with more ideas.

Coming up with ideas is easy. Coming with good ideas is not difficult. Coming up with more ideas is not helpful. It is the quality of ideas and once ideas are being exhausted, it is time to perform the more difficult job of sensemaking and mapping. This is where most people fail and have no ideas of what and how to do next. They lack a framework…
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Will The Facebook Phone works? And For Microsoft and Samsung, The Future Of Smartphones Is Dual-Screen.

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The Facebook phone is here.The Facebook phone rumor has been around for a while and it is a
matter of time it becomes real. I think they should have done it earlier and should have larger
ambition other than just trying to design a ‘home’ for Android.  Home sounds like a PaaS personalization
tool and not sure how many FB users will want this. FB see the potential for
them but it is hardly a threat for others but Android might modify their terms so
this won’t happen again in the future.

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This Is Just The Begining Of The Mobile OS Battle. Plenty Of New Players Will Join The Game.

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The mobile OS war is getting more interesting and the
current market share battle is between iOS and Android will go on for a while. Will there be a breakout of it
will be more like a Pepsi vs. Coca Cola market share battle that has been lasting for
decades? Android is getting better momentum the last two years and I expect
that to continue. I think the overall market share is stabilizing and the
other two Windows and Blackberry will remain niche players. Newcomers will join
the game and there are three in the US and they are Mozilla, Tizen and
Canonical. There are a few emerging ones…
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The Future Of Retail Is Full Of Challanges As Well As Opportunities.

Retailers are goign through strutural changes as many proven formats are out dated and "showromming" is impacting many. The massive pentration of smartphones are driving showroomers for comparing prices and features. Amazon has even given users of its mobile shopping app the ability to simplify price lookups on its site by letting them scan product bar codes using their smartphone cameras. So we end up having 1/ the Amazons of the world where they have full range of products at a super competitive price of 2/ Experience-based stores that people that offers more than making a purchase. They provide a very different kinds of retail relationships with different brands and it is Cirque du Soleil meets Nordstrom.

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Can Gadgets Save Healthcare? What’s The Next Big Disruptive Technology That Can Reinvent Healthcare? But The Fact Remains That Our Health Care System Sucks, And Will Continue To Suck.

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I like the lastest Bond movie and
the only thing I missed is smart gadgets. Bond needs to have latest tech toys. I don’t want to see Bond becoming Jet
Li. Half the fun of watching a Bond movie is reveling in the odd ingenuity of
the clever devices. Bond needs all the tech innovation he could use. Her Majesty's government is not investing enough in innovation for sure. Mi5 has a lot of catch up to do. Perhaps they should retain Idea Couture to develop an innovation roadmap? I might get a call from Sir Jonathan Evan!

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I Imagine Over 95% Of All Patents That Apple Filed Are Useless. Here’s A Good Example.

patent wars are continuing as we speak. With the proliferation of cheap sensors
people are talking about putting them everything. We use them in our cars to see if
the tire pressure is correct and washroom etc. It is part of our everyday lives already.

Apple just filed a patent application to put
sensors in your sneakers so they can send signals to your iPhone to tell you it
is time for a new pair. If I am Nike, I would file 100 patents to put sensor in everything from sneakers to sport pants. Is this patent really useful? I think we all have a pretty
good sense when do we need to replace them just by looking at…
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Now I Can Read Your Tweet On Your Dress. Or You Can Program Your Dress For Any Special Occasions.

It was at least 10 years since I was talking about wearing technology and fashion in conferences and 10 years later we don't see any mass commercialised products out there. It is another example of innovative technologies usually takes way longer that we imagine for diffusion for a number of reasons. May be this is the year we start to see it coming.

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There are a few out there working hard to make it happen. CuteCircuit is one of them. It is a wearable technology and design company based in Shoreditch, London. Founded by Francesca
Rosella and Ryan Genz, the company…
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