Today Is The Launch Of My New Book “Design Thinking For Strategic Innovation”.

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“Design Thinking” has gone beyond fashionable in the design industry, but now quickly getting into management circles and even boardrooms. B-schools are tapping into this new trend and but many are yet to understand what it means and its applications. The idea of management that we teach in B-schools was originally designed for a set of very different kind of needs – managing repetitive tasks, improving economic efficiency and labor productivity and maximizing scale. Today the needs expand to managing complexity and extreme uncertainty that is part of our everyday environment and this is where “Design Thinking” can change management forever.
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Watch Full Movie All I See Is You (2017)

Streaming Movie All I See Is You (2017) All I See Is You (2017) Duration 110 mins Genre Drama, Thriller. In Cinemas August 10, 2017 Language English. Country United States of America. Streaming Movie All I See Is You (2017) Online Plot For All I See Is You

Movie ‘All I See Is You’ was released in August 10, 2017 in genre Drama. Marc Forster was directed this movie and starring by Blake Lively. This movie tell story about A blind woman’s relationship with her husband changes when she regains her sight and discovers disturbing details about themselves.


Marc Forster.


Marc Forster, Sean Conway.

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Design Thinking Is A Cognitive And Intellectual Process That Balances The Rational And Emotional. Not Included With Your MBA.

What is Design Thinking? Because of the word “design” and many automatically associate it with the craft of design or design as a profession. Actually it is less to do with “design” and more with “system”. There are many ways to define "design thinking" and this list is not exhaustive:

A way to instill customer-centricity and empathy A framework for exploration and experimentation An approach to sense-making and problem solving A methodology to foster exploration and experimentation A design buzzword to tell you a designer can do more than design A management buzzword sold as the “next” strategic tool A marketing slogan or tag line A self-gratifying term for those who think they are creative

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Can We Really Quantify Future Innovation Opportunities? Or Is It Just A False Sense Of Predictability?

What a month, from Phoenix to Cincinnati, then New York City, then Monterrey (Mexico) to Moscow and now in London. Meetings after meetings and I don't know where I am. It is like that guy in the movie. I need to have a week sitting down and do some work. Perhaps next week. Saw my magazines in Selfrides and it is flying off the shelves everywhere. We still need to expand the distribution from the current 22 countries to 30. And getting the iPad version out. This has been a productive couple of days in London. I realized I haven't have the chance to work with Morgan for a long while. We just finished our deck for tomorrow's presentation. It is going to be a good one….
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Design Thinking And Growth: What’s The Connection? Why Do We Need Growth?

The Harvard Design Thinking Semina was a great one. High quality particiapants and great turn out with beatiful New York City spring weather. Lunch on the rooftop is way better than a banquet room or a faculty's dining hall. No place on earth can beat the view of New York City. So much energy and creativity. Many participants came all the way from China, Argentina, Mexico and Korea. Thinking of the nex one outisde US, perhaps somewhere Europe and Asia?

Growth is a funny word and often misunderstood just like other words such as strategy or innovation. I have heard from people from 25 year old young smart people to 45 year old seasoned…
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Design Thinking, Business Transformation And The Creative Enterprise.

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It is time to take a look at the report card of our design for business organization, management and strategy. After half a century of quality movement, brand management, marketing and catefory management, globalization, customer service automation and organizational design fine-tuning, we should have a pretty good of idea of what is working and what is not. As a result of all suboptimization efforts over past decades, we begin to see the impact on the whole system.

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The idea is that optimizing the outcome for a subsystem will in general not optimize the outcome…
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Design Thinking Can Help Organizations Making The Quantum Leap In Strategic Innovation.

Lately I have been meeting with dozens of potential candidates who are seriously interested and passionate about design thinking and understand the role it plays in transforming organizations, design thinking can help companies to make the next quantum jump in organization, human and social evolution? It is a new managerial logic as well as competitive logic and in then years every business school will have this in their core curriculum. The problem is there are far more people interested in it and not many understand the ‘what’ and ‘how’. I am getting an average of 10 resumes a week and most people think design thinking is super cool.

The relationship between design…
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Design Thinking Has Inspired Multi-disciplinary, Interdisciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Approaches To Problem Solving. This Is Just The Beginning Of A New Discipline.

Prague is mystical with a mix of medieval, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau architecture and the design scene is slowly taking shape. You still see traces of history of what communism had done to the city even after these buildings are completely restored. It is where Renaissance meets neo-Gothic and the baroque structures from the 18th centuries.

You can see shadow of cubist touches, which thrived in Bohemia more so in the neighborhood near Vysehrad Park. The public housing or “rabbit huts” as they called it, cheap but highly functional (the Walmart of architecture), provides a stark contrast to the Bohemia style. It is the featureless nature but with modern plumbing and heating were once…
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Design Thinking Is A Dynamic Constructive Process As Much As An Organization Culture.

I was visiting the biggest modern art gallery DOC (Centre for Contemporary Arts) in Holešovice, Prague. It was first opened in Oct 2008 and now going through some interior work and will be re-opening the other half in a week. It was developed by architect Ivan Kroupa and the idea was to reconstruct old factory buildings from the19th century and to build new ones interconnecting as an art gallery. It is like Idea Couture’s office in Toronto where three historic buildings were interconnected.

I am a big fan of contemporary art particular when it stretches the boundaries and interconnecting art, design, culture, media and technology. I am not an art for art sake person….
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The Harvard Graduate School of Design “Design Thinking for Creativity and Business Innovation” Seminar Is Officially Open For Registration. Spaces Are Limited.

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I finally have started on designing for the new executive program for the Harvard Graduate School of DesignDesign Thinking for Creativity and Business Innovation. I have been getting a lot of request to speak on this topic and beyond curiosity, many are interested to see how they can apply these concepts not in product development or design but in complex problem solving. After three years of practive devopment and finally put them all together in one seminar. Plan to take this to Europe and Asia later in the year. This is what powers a Senior Designer/Desigh Thinker/Creative Professional to gain a seat in board level stragetic discussions.

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