Don’t Waste This Crisis. It Is The Best Time For A ‘Reset’. Sometimes It Takes A Life Shake Up To Put Us Back On The Paths We Need To Be On.

There were tours visiting our office last week, people were curious about what we do and what kind of people we hire. It is an interesting question. I guess our job is to help large companies go through mid-life crisis.

Crisis is a popular word these days and it seems like there are no shortages of them. We use the term in today's economic, humanitarian, political and environmental climate. The word is much associated with extreme negative 'tests' of our human abilities or survival as a species. This is also a test on our intelligence and also a test of humanities and to what extend it exists.

How do we get out of this…
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Deciding On Your Big Strategic Innovation Move? Don’t Forget One Small Detail: How Do You Make Money?

Technology-based companies typically make one common mistake: They get too caught up in technological innovation, particularly developing new technologies, or get too obsessed with the next killer technology and thinks the world evolves around their latest invention. Even if they find the right applications for their technologies, they often defer the serious effort needed to figure out how they create economic value – or how do they make money? They did not come up with the answers but insisted sailing forward ending up with business without a business model. I find that funny, a business without a business model should not be called a business in the first place. It is different when a company needs to change their revenue strategy as they move up the value…
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It Is Time That Google Needs A Reset. Now Facebook Places. Next Facebook Faces. Then Facebook Realtime Mobile Directory?

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Here's Simon and Ashley as part of a team working on a social strategy for a very cool company. Part of the mission is to look at their competition and coopetition. In the world of business strategy and competition, friends can become enemies overnight. Google is definitely not happy with the idea that Facebook is sitting with 500 million users with 50% very active. What can they do?

Screen shot 2010-08-22 at 10.03.02 PM
Back in 2002, Google was competing with Overture and other search engine for shares. Overture was the search leader and was mining 3.2…
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What Game Theory Can Teach You About Online Dating? There Are Plenty Of Room For Innovation And Money To Be Made.

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A few days on the beach is too much for me.  But perfect place to write my blog posts. Watching these love birds on the beach, I started to think about game theory and love. What advice an economist can provide for online dating service by applying game theories?

Finding a spouse is a game, a serious and sometimes high risks (high reward I hope) game. We are looking at different types of network behavior (the high demand princess, the career type, the girl next door and the appearance-over-substance-and-insecure type etc. We all kind of know how the game works, and some people are better at it.

A quick primer on game theory: Game…
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Innovation Needs To Expand To Include “Leadership And Management Innovation”. Business Schools Need A Reset.

Here is our summer collection. Everybody like these. I guess the message is cool. I get people coming up and ask me where did I get those.  Rethinking management and leadership – one innovation that is less talked about is “Leadership and Management Innovation”, OK what does it mean?

Management practices have always circled around a narrow view of Return on Capital and that drives many of the key business decisions. Optimization of profits, financial capital and assets are an important part of executing a business strategy, but have we thought about how to innovate “leadership and management” itself. I mean new thinking around business strategy that provides additional bottom lines beyond just financial. Where money, purpose and systems are aligned.

Any CEOs who are…
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It Is A Stupid Idea To Tax Soda, Banks Or Fast Food. It Won’t Discourage Consumption Without Acceptable Alternatives.

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There are a lot of debates around new tax on banks, sodas and eventually fast food. They hope these taxes can help provide an emergency fund for failing banks in the case of banks or in the case of sodas to help with healthcare costs. They are talking about a 3 cents tax on a $25 billion dollar industry.

A good policy to promote health living is one thing, taxing products is a different one. Too much sodas cause diabetes, too much hot dogs cause cancer, too much time on your cell phone cause brain cancer, too much fast good burgers cause obesity, too much alcohol causes liver problems and too much medication causes god knows what.

Too much anything is bad….
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Every Business Needs A New Operating System. Even The World Needs A New Operating System. It Is What Strategic Innovation Is All About. The Future Is Not Only Close, It Is Already Here.

In a few short months, Idea Couture will be celebrating another anniversary and some people have been here for two years and some three. It was Jackie’s second year’s anniversary last week (thank you Jackie) and it will three for Adam, Morgan and Nick pretty soon, and as we add new people every month and some are spreading across different geographies, it will be harder and harder for everyone to know everyone well. That’s just the life. And I am lucky (also by design) that we have been able to attract the brightest and the smartest. I am grateful to everyone of them who made the decision to take that journey with us.


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People Talk About Strategy And Business Model, Often forget About Thinking Industry Architecture

Picture 4
I was speaking in a panel at the Ivey Venture Forum this week with more than 150 guests, great event with 10 companies entering the final and presenting their ideas from recycling technologies to therapeutic technologies. Thanks to Jeff Szeto for inviting me. I was asked by Ron Close, the moderator (Residence Entrepreneur of MaRS and Ivey School of Business) the question of does strategy means for start-up. Ron was asking some very good questions.

What does strategy means for new venture start-up? I gave a long answer.

But the short one is they need to see beyond the product and see how their products will evolve and fit in with a specific industry architecture, whether it is an evolution of the existing one of the…
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