Spend A Few Hours Here Should Earn You 2 Credits For Your BA In Design. i Want To Make This Place My Office.

Whenever I go I love to hand around cool places ..and cool people. As the last stop of the 5 countires business trip (Germany,Italy,Japan,China and Korea), I get half a day to visit a few cool places. Seoul is not Paris or London, but I still manage to find a few unique places to do some work. This is aA Design Musem/Cafe, and it is a must see in Seoul, you need places like this to remind you there is life beyond concrete buildings.

It is not so easy to find but it is worth the trouble. It is located in a side street between HAPJEONG and HONGDAE, you will see an old three…
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It Is A Stupid Idea To Tax Soda, Banks Or Fast Food. It Won’t Discourage Consumption Without Acceptable Alternatives.

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There are a lot of debates around new tax on banks, sodas and eventually fast food. They hope these taxes can help provide an emergency fund for failing banks in the case of banks or in the case of sodas to help with healthcare costs. They are talking about a 3 cents tax on a $25 billion dollar industry.

A good policy to promote health living is one thing, taxing products is a different one. Too much sodas cause diabetes, too much hot dogs cause cancer, too much time on your cell phone cause brain cancer, too much fast good burgers cause obesity, too much alcohol causes liver problems and too much medication causes god knows what.

Too much anything is bad….
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What’s The Next Big Innovation In Soft Drinks? Here’s What I’ve Got From My Dream.

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Soft drinks makes have been pushing for innovation to create new categories, expand new markets or help push up prices, many are betting on increased demand for adult targeted higher quality soft drink. Research indicates that 5 or 6 out of 10 now think it is “worth paying extra for quality goods”. Also expect to see continuous legislative pressure limiting advertising marketing to kids under age16.

What drives premium pricing? I think energy-infused (functional) products and those with real health benefits are most likely to get people to pay more, while carbonates are still slowly losing share to fruit juices and bottled waters in established markets.

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iTouch Jumbo, Large Soda and Magnum Condom. What Do They Have In Common? It Is All About Size.

Size is always a big factor in product design and marketing. The iPad essential becomes an iTouch for the tallest man in the world. I always have a problem with oversized drinks in this part of the world, but I also have a problem with the undersized drinks in Europe and Japan. A cup of tea in London is really too small for me and I almost needed to order two. A cup of tea in New York is usually way too big and I have to pour away 30% of it right away.

Oversized cold beverage sales is maxing out at 32 oz., in the eyes of the marketers they generally views "bigger" as "better," field data us telling us that gigunda 44 oz. size fountain…
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