The Future Of Retail Is Full Of Challanges As Well As Opportunities.

Retailers are goign through strutural changes as many proven formats are out dated and "showromming" is impacting many. The massive pentration of smartphones are driving showroomers for comparing prices and features. Amazon has even given users of its mobile shopping app the ability to simplify price lookups on its site by letting them scan product bar codes using their smartphone cameras. So we end up having 1/ the Amazons of the world where they have full range of products at a super competitive price of 2/ Experience-based stores that people that offers more than making a purchase. They provide a very different kinds of retail relationships with different brands and it is Cirque du Soleil meets Nordstrom.

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Now I Can Read Your Tweet On Your Dress. Or You Can Program Your Dress For Any Special Occasions.

It was at least 10 years since I was talking about wearing technology and fashion in conferences and 10 years later we don't see any mass commercialised products out there. It is another example of innovative technologies usually takes way longer that we imagine for diffusion for a number of reasons. May be this is the year we start to see it coming.

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There are a few out there working hard to make it happen. CuteCircuit is one of them. It is a wearable technology and design company based in Shoreditch, London. Founded by Francesca
Rosella and Ryan Genz, the company…
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Are Fashion’s Signs Of The Times Changing? From DKNY And Yves St Laurent To Chanel And Burberry…. They Are All Part Of Our Meaning Creation Journeys.

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Fashion is central to
our very human desire to express identity through and make meaning from
symbols. It is social. It is cultural. And its standards and styles are always
shifting with the times.

To maintain its
relevance and desire, fashion’s survival needs to be with, and even ahead of,
style and culture. To use that most hyperbolic of terms, it must be forever sharpened
and wielded at the ‘cutting edge’. But in recent years, arguably since most of
us logged on to the Internet and gained instant access to the latest styles and
the cultures that birthed them, the cutting edge has become duller and dullerRead More

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Design Thinking And Minimalist. Not Waterd Down Simplicity But Blending Style And Simplexity.

I have always admired the work of Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçons ( French for "like boys") designed by Rei Kawakubo. Both are similar and very different. Both operate at the intersection of fashion, art and architecture and it so happened that the output is fashion. I am a big minimalist fan although my lifestyle doesn't allow me to become one. After twenty years, I am still working on it. I am hopeless I guess. I am often distracted by other things and hard for me to stay true to it. May be this is the time.

I think this is the perfect time for minimalist thinking to become mainstream, not only in style…
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