China Is Pushing The Frontiers Of Innovation. It Needs To Move Beyond Just Technological Progress. China Is Behind In Commercialization And It Is A Big Gap To Fill.

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There were lots of interesting debates about "new thinking around innovation and future development of enterprises in China.” With almost three decades of sustained economic growth and orchestrated government support for advance technology research resulted in a large talent pool (but still not large enough) and many are well trained by foreign univerisities and companies.

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China has made impressive achievement in many areas including network technologies, article physics, structural biology, genomics, human space exploration, supercomputing and high-speed rail which is part of China's centrally designed and state-led innovation model. Moving towards a…
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This Is Just The Begining Of The Mobile OS Battle. Plenty Of New Players Will Join The Game.

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The mobile OS war is getting more interesting and the
current market share battle is between iOS and Android will go on for a while. Will there be a breakout of it
will be more like a Pepsi vs. Coca Cola market share battle that has been lasting for
decades? Android is getting better momentum the last two years and I expect
that to continue. I think the overall market share is stabilizing and the
other two Windows and Blackberry will remain niche players. Newcomers will join
the game and there are three in the US and they are Mozilla, Tizen and
Canonical. There are a few emerging ones…
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We Need To Change The Way We Use Trash, One Imagination At A Time. It Is About Behavior As Much As Economics.

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We all love shopping and some do more than other. We love to buy shoes, clothes, electronic gadgets, toys and cameras. We all know we can’t continue on like this, the stuff we buy today is way worse than what we were buying a decade ago, everything has tons of electronic components inside which is really hard to recycle.

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I guess if I try to name the top three most frequent purchases outside of food and other necessities, it would be 1/ shoes 2/consumer electronics (cell phones and laptops) and 3/clothing and accessories.

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There Is One Thing That Is In Common Between Apple And China. Both Are Unstoppable And Locomotives Of Innovation For The Future.

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It is so fascinating that everywhere I go in China this week, people are trying to sell me the Chinese versions of iPhone, iPad and other iThings that Apple has yet invented. I was really interesting to get my hands on the Apple Skin, the nickname of a Chinese original (yes, original, patent cleared) add on device that turned an iTouch into an iPhone but unfortunately they were taken off the market, so I went for an iHaircut instead. Not bad at all, there is really no risk for me here, it is not like buying an iPhone here in China. You never know what you'll get.

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Is The Age Of ‘Indovation’ And ‘Chinovation’ Becoming Real And What Are The Threats To Established Global Companies ?

‘The age of ‘Indovation’ dawns’ – this headline from Financial Times caught my attention while I was sitting on a plane flying out of New Jersey. It is an interesting article about Armin Bruck, managing director of Siemens in India, trying to convince the board of the Siemens of the potential of Indian innovation. He gave them the keys to a Tata Nano to convey the “smell and feel” of a revolutionary mass market product and to persuade his company that it should improve its pipeline of local inventions aimed at Indian consumers.

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So, in February, Peter Löscher, the company’s chief executive, and his colleagues Heinrich Heisinger…
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There Are So Shortage Of Wicked Problems Out There. Just The Coffee Cup Alone Is A Hard One To Solve, Not For The Lack Of Trying.

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Sustainability and in particularly recycling is a very tricky topic. Just use coffee cup as an example, Today there are 58 billion disposable coffee cups being thrown away, unrecycled, around the world each year.
Often least understood by consumers and even governments and large corporations.

There is a long held assumptions charging by the quantity to consumers can provide incentives to reduce consumption. The sad reality is the benefit of many program do not outweigh the costs. I think there can be more impact on the product and packaging design side to help with the problems. One most common challenge is coffee cups, which are used in all coffee shops and cafeterias. These paper coffee cups aren’t made from recycled…
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When Made In The UK Is Not Good Enough. Can Design Leadership Help The UK?

I saw Kenya Hara’s book Designing Design in Tokyo a few months ago, but it was in Japanese so I didn’t guy it. I saw the English edition today at the Tate’s book store so I picked it up. I always wanted to read that it, now it is available in English. Kenya Hara is a Japanese graphic designer and curator or the Muji Man, he is art director of Muji since 2001. His design philosophy is putting an emphasis on “emptiness” in both the visual and philosophical traditions of Japan. I am not sure how Japan got into this minimalist thing, it is not in their history.

Picture 1
Lunch at the top floor of…
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Everything is Art In Its Best Form; Business, Technology and Design Are the Same. May Be Art School Wasn’t A Bad Choice Afterall?

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My first post in a week. No access to Typepad and Facebook in China. I’ve spent a lot of time meeting with designers in Shanghai (both expat and local), potential clients and employees.. Picture above one of the many creative districts and the one below is one of potential office spaces for Idea Couture Shanghai. Design is something that is in very high demand, any form of design from ID to architecture to graphic. Graphic design is mostly what people is referring to when we mention the word “design”. Graphic design has become an art and a commodity, just looking at those printed junks everywhere and most are not even worth the paper that they are printed on.

How is graphic design changing? Is graphic design…
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China Needs A National Design Policy. But More So, Need Entrepreneurs That Think Big And Long-Term.

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China's design industry experts are calling for greater government support in order to help the their manufacturers raise the competitiveness with design innovation. Zhu Tao, president of China Industrial Design Association, said the Chinese economy suffered heavily from the global economic crisis, with factory closures and layoffs. "Without our own design, we won't have our own brands. Without our own brands, we won't be independent in the world. Being an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is no way out," he said.

China does have a design policy. Not even the US has one.

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I exchanged some views last week with Dori Tunstall about the challenges of getting government to develop an effective design policy….
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What’s The Future Of Design In China? What Is China’s Design Strategy?

Picture 16 What’s the future of design in China? Or will China ever have a real design future? Do they ever need one at all? As part our China strategy I’ve visited half-a-dozen of design firms in China last week and got a pretty good snapshot of the state of the industry while sharing my points of views on how design will evolve in China.

There is a vibrant Chinese design culture (somewhat narrow in scope) within the context of China's industrialization, consumer evolution and technological change. From the entrepreneurial spirit of industrial designers, to society's aspirations for higher quality of life, to the global ambitions of a nation, we’re seeing the emerging of a new design culture in China. But it is not without challenge, majority of businesses in China are…
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