Design Leadership Is More Than Simplicity. It Is About Design Discipline.

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El·e·gant, an adjective and define or characterized by or exhibiting refined, tasteful beauty of manner, form, or style. Marc Jacob? Chanel? Jil Sander? Hermes? All are unquestionably elegant by design in the fashion world. How about smartphones or interfaces? Can they be elegant? Or what about customer experiences? Can you describe a banking or customer service experience as elegant? Most people don’t.

Is elegant a word reserved solely for tangible product? The design world likes to use words such as “elegant”, “simple” and “user friendly”, many designers understand how to subtract in creating simple and elegant design solutions. Human factors usually subtract…
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In The Near Future, Instead of Choosing Between AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, You Can Also Pick Google or Apple As Your Mobile Carriers

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The US mobile industry has been in a clear state of duopoly with Verizon and AT&T occupying about 70-75% of both consumer and enterprise market. T-Mobile is attempting to disrupt the current status but the impact will not be sustainable although its Uncarrier attack effort is causing a lot of noise. To maintain competition and sustainability for all is a tricky balance and the key is to ensure it will not endanger the long-term ability for players reinvest in next generation networks. InterDigital, Qualcomm, Ericcson, and Samsung are actively involved in 5G wireless development and carriers need to be ready for the next upgrade cycle in 3 years.

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The “Internet of Useless Things” or IuT Is Everywhere. Not Every Player Has A Plan.

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The CES is a good one this year. Everywhere is IoT. And honestly I am little tired of hearing IoT or “Internet of Things” which is estimated to become a $7 trillion industry where thermometers, clocks, garbage cans, toilets, washing machines, watches, smartphones, fridges, baby monitors, garage doors and coffee makers are all connected digitally, allowing seamless interactions and smart living for us. Sensors are cheap and can be deployed everywhere collecting data, unnoticed. Data on how you move around in your home or office, in the gymn, on bike around your community, in a car, in public transit etc. How much water and electricity you use, and when; how much garbage you produce and dispose….
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It’s a Bird! It’s a Drone! It’s Amazon’s 3-D Smartphone? It Displays 3D Images, 3D Maps And 3D Gaming!

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Amazon has been working on a number of cool devices for a while. The temptation of playing the hardware game has always been there beyond just the e-reader. This month they will finally be unveiling a new device and there are plenty of rumors out there on what it actually is.

It is most likely going to be a Smartphone. Mostly made by Foxcom. Most like not producing any profits for Amazon. Most likely supported by a suite of Amazon Cloud based services. Most likely to be below the standard set by Apple, Samsung or HTC. But it will be a Smartphone that has some distinctive features, including 3D capabilities projecting 3D objects as part of…
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Strategy Lessons From The Safari. There Is More Than Just The Survival Of The Fittest.

I recently took my strategy and innovation class out of the classroom. Guess where we ended up? A safari or a zoo (whatever you want to call it). What’s a better place that teaching strategy where you can see the survival of the fittest. It was a suggestion from my students.

History is filled with examples of animal species with Dinosaurs as the lead example that were made extinct by their inability to adapt environmental change and the prediction from scientists is that there are more to come. An alarming finding that was published in the scientific journal Nature that suggested more than a million existing species could be extinct by 2050 because of climate change. Probably 80% of those species we have never heard of.

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Will 2014 Be A More Exciting Year For Consumer Electronics? Consider 2013 Was A Disappointing One. More Next Week.

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2013 was a disappointing year for consumer technologies. The 3D television push was as I’ve expected a disaster and who on earth would walk around at home with 3D glasses and the lack of 3D programming etc. created all barriers necessariy for mass adoption. And for smartphones as there were lack of any real innovation from the industries.

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Perhaps the dominant design pioneered by Apple is really reaching the end of its S-curve, even the iPhone 5S has only incremental changes (ok a better processor) in design and software. I am ready to bet…
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Apple’s Magic Is Not Repeatable. Innovation Means Reinvention. Not Taking A Page From Someone’s Playbook. Here’s The Proof.

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Apple magic is not repeatable. And even if you think by poaching senior talents from them. The same can be applied to many great companies large and small. It is too simplistic to think that stealing talent from great companies larger or small can help a company to repeat the magic.

Here is a good example when Ron Johnson, former head of Apple retail joined JC Penny as CEO, his plan was to reinvent the company. From when Johnson took the reins Nov 1, 2011, the stock price dropped in half. He received $53.3 million in compensation for 2011 and his pay package for 2012 was $1.9 million, no bonus after the company booked a…
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Will The Facebook Phone works? And For Microsoft and Samsung, The Future Of Smartphones Is Dual-Screen.

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The Facebook phone is here.The Facebook phone rumor has been around for a while and it is a
matter of time it becomes real. I think they should have done it earlier and should have larger
ambition other than just trying to design a ‘home’ for Android.  Home sounds like a PaaS personalization
tool and not sure how many FB users will want this. FB see the potential for
them but it is hardly a threat for others but Android might modify their terms so
this won’t happen again in the future.

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At CES Everything Is Touch, Touch, Touch. Will Touchscreens Make Typing Obsolete Soon?

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At CES this year everything
is touchscreen, TV, laptops, tablets and kitchen appliances. Is the future of
interfaces is moving to touchscreen? Is this the end of keyboards? We are
seeing a completing transition in the design of user experiences to software based
and touchscreens. The notebook computer is the final piece of the migration.
Most people would find no reasons to touch a screen on a laptop or notebook,
but we are also increasing used to the habit of touching screen even most of
the time even we’re not aware of. Thanks to the iPhone and iPad.

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Tim Cook Has A Far More Difficult Job Than Steve Jobs. He Has Been Making All The Right Moves So Far.

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Congrats to Tim Cook who is over one
year into his tenure as CEO of Apple. Big shoes to be filled and now Apple is moving into a new competitive arena because it is now
the industry leader (defender) – the primary target for attackers. Tim has two jobs: 1/develop a competitive business strategy to defend its market share from the low end and block entrants  2/an innovation strategy to find an industry/category to disrupt leveraging
Apple’s core capabilities. There were a few bumps like the Siri or Googlemap
etc., but those were unavoidable.

Sabotta, a former director of
Apple's federal sales group, criticitzes Apple’s CEO Tim Cook in his…
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