Eight Most Common Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making.

Every one is an expert in marketing these days. And with social media, everyone is an ad critic. Not entirely a bad thing, but as marketers you need know how to filter the noise. People need to understand the difference between STRATEGIC MARKETING, MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS and CHANNEL MARKETING. These are three very different things. The first one is strategic and is tightly linked to business strategy and decisions are made based on what and how to invest, the second one is about advertising (there is no social only advertising or no advertising only social..either way that’s where we’re going) and the third is about activations and promotions in the field.

I am…
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We Have Proved Once Again That Brand Marketing Can Drive Social Change, Further Customer Engagment And Build Brands. And Won A Gold Award For Best Financial Service Marketing.

Aviva Canada just announced winners to Aviva Community Fund with half a million dollars payout to programs across the country. This is the second year of a very successful campaign created to use brand to drive social change. The Aviva Community Fund, a unique competition designed to lead, empower and support positive change in communities across the country, was first launched in 09 when we presented the idea to the client.

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The idea is an open source idea platform for people to submit and decide how to use the money to drive real social change and provide positive impact…
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Brand Talk on Love, Sex And Emotion. Marketers Love Drinking Their Kool-Aid.

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Can a company/brand create such powerful emotive connections to make customers love them? Your advertising agency will be quick to say yes. I am not sure. I can imagine a few scenarios that it happens but is is very uncommon. Marketers like to convince themselves that you can buy ‘love’ and that’s the ultimate goal for great marketing. What's that book name "Lovemark"?  That's an example of advertisers drinking their own Kool-Aid. Yes, many customers can have a level of enthusiasm because we provide them with a great customer experience, is that love? That’s what I want to write about.

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Interaction Design Has An Important Role To Play In Our Future, It Has The Power To Transform Cultures.

There is two articles on IC today, one on Inc. magazine and the other in Globe and Mail. We're getting some good press coverage and we need to continue to make our story heard. In the meantime, we continue onto my journey of building global capabilities. Interaction design (IxD) will be a core focus, and I don't mean just web or mobile interactions. IxD will be one of the most important strategic capability for companies to build meaningful engagement and sustainable differentiation as part of their enterprise level experience strategy.

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How would interaction design change in the next 10 years? It…
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By The Standard Of The Late Leo Burnett, Many Of Today’s Big Agencies Should Have Taken Their Founders’ Name Off The Door. Here’s A Tribute To The Loney Man Who Spent A Lifetime Behind His Typewriter To Come With The Big Ideas.

This week I was invited to speak on branding and marketing to group graduate students who are studying towards a master degree in branding. I shared part of my Advanced Branding Masterclass material, which covers the future of branding in the world of social technologies and connectivity. Their instructor (an advertising veteran who had a long agency career including Leo Burnett) raised a very interesting point, 20 or 30 years ago advertising agencies were in the business of selling “ideas”, today many are becoming audio and video factories. And he realized that our success is all about ideas. That is very true, who are the creators of “ideas” these days? Idea Couture is exactly about ideas, not only communications but strategic ideas…. be it brand, product, service, interface,…
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Broadcast Media Is Reaching An Indsutry Breakpoint, And Hulu Is Fast Becoming A Key Part Of The New Industry Architecture.

Picture 9 Here are pictures of the Idea Couture team running several days of long sessions at the MIT.  Jeff, Partick, Adam and Cheesan were happy with the progress to date and I am so looking forward to see the first milestone. It is just a great project and a great client/partner.  Everyone is excited.

While we are on MIT, I came across some early research from MIT Media Lab on "Emotionally Reactive Television" , it is a very interesting concept. The idea was from the time TV was created, watching TV is considered as a static activity. TV audiences have very limited choices to interact with TV, such as turning on/off, increasing/decreasing volume, and traversing among different channels. The working thesis is that TV program should have social responses to people,…
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What’s The Future Like For Wieden + Kennedy? Where Walking In Stupid Will Take Them Next? Dan Wieden Is No Ordinary Ad Exec, He’s A Very Different Breed.

Picture 41 My people told me we had a problem. There was an error on the printing side and our 60-minute Brand Strategist Book (Limited Edition) was now changed to 80-minute (no one was telling us). I thought may be Morgan decided to further enrich the content, hmm he definitely too busy to do that. Probably not him. I jumped off the roof (actually the plane), went to the office and opened those boxes, fortunately it was only limited to the boxes. They did not add 20 min of content to my book. Who knows, someone just decided to add 20 pages of reading – sort of bonus chapter. So many things can go wrong.

Picture 31 I want to write about W+K. I think it…
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The Rise And Fall And The Coming Transformation Of Madison Avenue. What About The Future Of Advertising?

Monopolymediterranean.preview WPP finally decided to fold (or merge) the agency Enfatico created only to serve Dell after 16 months of operations. I never quire understand the rationale and the logic of doing that. Now it will become part of Y&R This may have something to do with the current climate but it is destined to fail. I've never seen something like this can work and you might as well bring it in-house which we understand the pro and cons of doing that. From an agency perspectives, sure they will tell the client they can outsource the creative and production but with control over the agency's operations and may be some cost savings. Not sure how the cost savings can be real. It is always important for an agency to be independent of the…
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Big Advertising Agencies Are Needing Bailouts Too. Bailout Is Never Any Real Solution. This Is Part Of An Industry Evolution.

P1000340We had a great company Christmas party last evening and it has been a very good year. I am grateful and very proud of the people that we have, everyone is carefully hand picked, not only every one of them is smart, creative and passionate for what they the do and strive for excellence. The Indian food and musicians were great too. I think we should play live music ourselves next year. Should start practicing now.

The big three autos may get a government bailout, their agencies will not. But serious headwinds and oxygen masks are down for many. This is a very gloomy Christmas for our friends who work on the advertising agencies side. We need to think of ways to support these people.

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A Brief History On Modern Advertising. And If You Think Mass Advertising Builds Brands, Think Again.

Picture 62
Advertising is not going away, but it has very different strategies and
tactics, traditional  "push/pull" marketing no longer works, and so are
highly-touted customer relationship initiatives. Smart companies are
those that are looking for marketing innovation as a new route to
marketing performance. Many adv planners are using their antique toolkit
that has long been outdated. Unlike advertising in the 70s, they
attracted the best and brightest. Today they were the people who just
want to hang on to the past. Marketing has moved on.

So how do marketers make interactive communications even more compelling than traditional communications? Today, if brands want to speak to lots of people, they have to do it digitally. It is 'speaking to' and not 'speaking at'. Speaking…
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